Akiho Senomiya tries to get her father, who is the president of the Tanegashima Space Center, to fund their giant robot project, but her mother soon quenches that line of thought. Later, Kaito Yashio is called to meet with Frau Kojiro, whose real name is Kona Furugoori, to help her move into her dorm as she is transferring into his school.

Following more intel from Mizuka, Akiho goes to see Mitsuhiko's uncle, who runs a candy factory, to request sponsorship for their robot. Meanwhile, Subaru Hidaka manages to get Kaito's assistance for an upcoming Robo-1 tournament in Las Vegas. As Subaru questions about what Kaito did during the tournament, Kaito recalls an incident on September 11, 2010, in which he and Akiho were part of a mass fainting aboard a ferry, where they both contracted elephant mouse syndrome.

Later that night, Kaito hears a strange voice coming from his PokeCon, briefly seeing a girl through its screen.