The anime adaptation for the visual novel Robotics;Notes was initially annouced on March 30th, 2012 by Fuji TV. The adaptation is animated by Production I.G. and premiered on the late-night television time slot Noitamina on October 11, 2012 in Japan. The adaptation is directed by Kazuya Nomura, while Jukki Hanada toke the lead with the series' scripts, with music by Takeshi Abbo and Yüki Hayashi.

Episode ListEdit

  1. Because GUNVARREL Is Waiting
  2. Because of Dreams, Hopes, and Passion
  3. Tanegashi Accel Impaaaact!
  4. Let's Build a Giant Robot of Justice Together
  5. May I Call You "Brother?"
  6. It'd Be Sad to Have a Dream End
  7. Thank You Berry Much
  8. I'm Nae Tennoji! Nice to Meet You!
  9. Because It's the Product of Our Blood, Sweat, and Tears
  10. A Robot That Only We Can Build
  11. The Flag Has Been Cleared
  12. Until You Like Something About Them
  13. What a Screwed-Up World
  14. Let's Stay Like This for a Bit
  15. I'll Let You Dream
  16. I Love Giant Robots
  17. The Robotics Club is Hereby Disbanded!
  18. The Real Gunvarrel is Standing Right There!
  19. I Never Should've Had a Dream
  20. Does She Still Like Robots?
  21. Gunvarrel, Forward!
  22. Now I'ts Time for Our Game