PokeComs (ポケコンー Pokekon?, also known as PhoneDroids) are mobile phone/tablet hybrids that are integral to a person's daily life in the Robotics;Notes world of 2019. They are initially seen in-universe as early as 2015 in Chaos;Child.

Technical aspects

A PokeCom is about 7 inches in length or smaller and comes with a built-in camera. Its OS implements both voice and touch commands.


Characters are seen most often using it for phone calls, checking Twipo, and accessing the IRUO. network. The main character, Kaito Yashio , is most often seen playing the game Kill-Ballad on his PokeCom.

The PokeCom is such a typical aspect of daily life that everyone carries one with him or her in personalized cases at all times, even in school. The PokeComs themselves are also often given personalized covers or otherwise decorated with stickers.

PokeCom cases

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