"Make a giant robot together with JAXA!"

Nae Tennouji  (天王寺 綯) is an engineer and scout working for JAXA who recruits the Robotics Club to help make giant robots as part of the agency's Robotics Support Project.

Character Overview


Nae is shown to be a very friendly and open person who is almost always in a good mood. She quickly befriends the Robotics Club and behaves in a very pleasant, polite manner. Despite her professional appearance, Nae has also displayed a peppy, playful side as well, often striking flamboyant poses and goofing around with the club members. Her personality overall is nearly identical to Akiho's, and the two get along really well as a result of this.

Skills & Abilities

As a member of JAXA, Nae shows exceptional skill in information and computer technology, able to man the JAXA control station by herself. It is implied Nae has at least basic understanding of robotics and has also proven to be a skilled martial artist.


Nae is a somewhat tall young woman with long brown hair, which she keeps in two ponytails. She has turquoise eyes and is almost always seen smiling. She is typically seen in her JAXA uniform.

Nae Hurray


At some point during the 10 year gap between Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes, Nae moved from Akihabara to Tanegashima and was hired by JAXA. Nae is shown to be unaccustomed to Tanegashima events so it is implied she only very recently transferred to the island.


  • Kaito Yashio: Nae becomes fast friends with Kaito and the two are shown to have a playful relationship. Nae is one of the few people who can beat Kaito at Kill Ballad.
  • Akiho Senomiya: Nae and Akiho are shown to get along really well, likely due to their very similar personalities.


  • Nae has already appeared in Steins;Gate which, in-universe, is set 9 years before the events of Robotics;Notes. She is also the daughter of Yuugo Tennouji a.k.a. Mister Braun.
  • In one episode, she is called "S.Braun" - Sister Braun.
  • Sister Braun also happens to be the username of her Twipo account.
  • She is a fan of Mr. Pleiades, but it is unknown if she is aware that he and Subaru are one and the same.
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