Mitsuhiko Nagafukada (長深田 充彦) is a teacher at Kaito and Akiho's school and the acting advisor of the Robotics Club. Being a former Robotics Club member alongside Misaki, Mitsuhiko is familiar with engineering and robotics-related events. He often referred to as "Mitchie" by his friends. 

Character Overview


Mitsuhiko is shown to be a loud, boorish individual and is frequently described as someone who is tiresome to deal with. Despite his rough edges, Mitsuhiko is a very competent teacher who has proven to be more level-headed and caring than his students would give him credit for. He does, however, have a history of being cheap, taking care not to overstep the club's budget.

Skills & Abilities

A former member of the Robotics Club, Mitsuhiko is no stranger to engineering and has a firm understanding of robotics.


Mitsuhiko is a tall man with short, black hair and a faint beard along his jaw. He typically dresses in a kind of green tracksuit and it appears that his hair line is beginning to recede.




  • Kaito Yashio: Between Akiho and Kaito, Mitsuhiko has an easier time speaking with the calmer Kaito. Kaito secretly considers Mitsuhiko rather tiresome but also respects his wiser judgement as the club's advisor. Mitshiko often teases Kaito about his close relationship with Akiho.
  • Akiho Senomiya: Despite what good he does for the Robotics Club, Akiho pays Mitsuhiko little to almost no respect. Being an embodiment of the school's rules and regulations, Mitsuhiko is the club's designated bearer of bad news and, as a result, often incurs Akiho's frustrated wrath. Despite this, Mitsuhiko is shown to care for Akiho and addresses her as "Senomiya-Imouto" (Little Senomiya).
  • Misaki Senomiya: Both Mitsuhiko and Misaki were formerly members of the Robotics Club in their high school years and the two were close friends.
  • Mizuka Irei: An old friend of Mitsuhiko's since their days in high school. The two retain a close friendship, though Mizuka also considers him annoying to a certain degree.


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