Kidou Battler Gunvarrel is a famous in-universe anime in the Science Adventure Series, and it is particularly prominent during the setting of Robotics;Notes. Akiho Senomiya is a longtime fan of the show, and much to Kaito Yashio's annoyance, she frequently references it in conversations with him. 

The anime's theme song, "aNubis," appears in Robotics;Notes DaSH and was sung by Konomi Suzuki


Akiho describes Kidou Battler Gunvarrel as a monumental work, inspired by the numerous successes of mecha anime that aired throughout the 50 years before it. The worldwide popularity explosion surrounding robots and the robotics field is largely accredited to Kidou Battler 'Gunvarrel, and the anime was broadcasted in 168 countries due to its popularity.

The anime's final episode was mysteriously cancelled before the final episode could be aired, leading to worldwide confusion and curiosity about the show's ending. Frau Kojiro explains to Kaito that the final episode never aired because 13 members of the staff were mysteriously killed beforehand. The anime's director and Frau's mother, Minami Furugoori, disappeared after being suspected of murdering them. It is later revealed to the characters that all is not as it seems, and a larger conspiracy surrounded the incident than initially thought.

Kill-Ballad, a popular fighting game and Kaito's favorite pastime, was heavily inspired by Kidou Battler Gunvarrel and features Gunvarrel as a playable robot. The game was developed by Frau to keep her mother's memory alive and to not allow Gunvarrel to fade into obscurity.


  • Rozetta Yuuki - The show's main heroine.
  • Genki Dotou - The Gunvarrel robot's pilot in the show.
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