Kō Kimijima (君島 コウ) is the author of the Kimijima Reports and the main antagonist of the series. Although at first suggested to be a humble scientist who foretold apocalypse-causing events in his reports, in reality, Kimijima had genocidal ambitions, manipulating others to carry out his plans to wipe out humanity via a solar flare. He is the instigator of the SS Anemone incident and a member of the Committee of 300. Before his ambitions could be realized however, he met an abrupt end at the hands of Misaki Senomiya. His legacy and plans would later live on through his artificial intelligence "cyber ghost."

Character Overview


Kimijima Kō on the surface appeared to be a pleasant, well-mannered scientist. However, in reality, he had grand dreams of worldwide genocide. Despite his ambitions, Kimjima was noted to still have a degree of humanity, something that his cyber ghost completely lacks.

Skills & Abilities

As a researcher of solar activity, Kimijima had a highly scientific background and was the mastermind behind the complex Kimijima Reports. He was highly adept at programming, having been the one to create Airi's artificial intelligence as well as a "cyber ghost" for himself.

Kimijima's cyber ghost has vast control over the IRUO network, being able to manipulate news feeds to create mass false propaganda. The Kimijima cyber ghost has extraordinary hacking capabilities, being able to commandeer thousands of robots at once, install viruses into the networks of skilled hackers the likes of Kona and make precise solar calculations, ensuring the genocidal plans of Kimijima Kō would be realized. The cyber ghost is also apparently able to "possess" and manipulate organic lifeforms.


Kimjima appears as an average-heighted, lanky man with a pale complexion and long, blond hair. Despite his scientific background, Kimjima wears very casual clothing, and is almost always seen smiling.


Ko Kimijima was once a humble scientist with pure intentions. His research proved to be beneficial towards earth at large, earning him the title of a genius to be honored and respected. In time, however, when Kimijima gained a wide rise to power, bringing him to the point of wiping out humanity with a disregard for public safety. His life's efforts in researching the solar flare, a super weapon powered by the sun. He was eventually killed by Misaki Senomiya. His legacy and plans would later live on through his artificial intelligence "cyber ghost."




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