Kaito using IRUO. to view a warning to stay away from a beached whale.

The IRUO. (居る夫。 Iruo.?) network application is an augmented reality and information gathering and dispersal system that can be accessed via a PhoneDroid.


The first known version of IRUO. was "version α" bearing the development date 2008/12. It was developed by Kimijima Ko. By the year 2019, it has become so widespread and embedded in daily life in Japan that the Tanegashima local government uses solely it to place notices, instead of using it in combination with a traditional signboard.


The IRUO. application is highly versatile. Similar to current real life augmented reality development, by looking through the screen of one's PhoneDroid the user can see notices, advertisements, etc. overlaid on the scene before them. A.I.'s can "live" in the same scenery as the user. Geotags, in other words GPS tags, can be used to mark and find locations as well as leave event triggers, called AR Annotations. Even live doors connected to the system can be locked and opened via passwords inputted into one's PhoneDroid. Like the PhoneDroid's OS, the IRUO. application implements both touch and voice commands.

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