Eye on the Pyramid

Known as the “All-Seeing Eye of God”, this is one of the symbols commonly associated with the Committee of 300 by conspiracy theorists

The Committee of 300 (300人委員会, 300-nin iinkai), also known as The Illuminati, The Olympians, Hidden Hand, and various other names, is a secret society with 300 members in it worldwide, which for over a century has plotted world domination, with the goal of a one-world government, also known as the Human Cultivation Project or the New World Order, and is the central antagonist of the Science Adventure Series.

It is partly based on the real life conspiracy theory by John Coleman about a group called the Committee of 300, which he also calls The Olympians, as well as Hidden Hand, a term that acts as a key password in Robotics;Notes. It is also partly based on the real life conspiracy theory about The Illuminati and the New World Order.

According to John Coleman’s 1991 book Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300, available as a free PDF eBook on the CIA website as part of a collection of books found at Osama bin Laden’s hideout in Abbottabad, Pakistan, the committee seeks to cull the global human population into a smaller world united under one government. In Robotics;Notes the Committee of 300 is purported to have a similar plan, called the “Human Cultivation Project”, in which the Committee would cull the worldwide human population down to 1 billion people and rule over them in what is popularly called the New World Order.

This is also the Committee’s goal in Steins;Gate, in which they make use of the organization SERN to monopolize time travel, cull the worldwide population down to 1 billion people, and achieve complete domination by the year 2036, turning the world into what John Titor, a time traveler from the year 2036 who managed to escape back in time to try to change things, calls “a dystopia”.

The Committee has countless front organizations all over the world, and is said to secretly control the world from the shadows. Their power spreads not only to the politics of all major world powers, but also religion, the economy, science, and military and intelligence agencies, among other things.

The Committee in Robotics;Notes

In Robotics;Notes, Committee of 300 member Kō Kimijima, a brilliant scientist, is the mastermind behind his genocidal plans, Project Mars and Project Atom, brainwashing numerous other people as well as using AIs to do his dirty work, including an AI version of himself as well as the dual program Geji-nee and Airi.

As an AI, Kō Kimijima turns Misaki Senomiya into his pawn, despite her killing his original human form, by harassing her about how she killed him until she submits to his will. He also brainwashes the the entire Kidou Battler Gunvarrel Anime Production Team, including its director Minami Furugoori, the mother of Kona Furugoori (a.k.a. Frau Kojiro). Maguyan and the real Airi Yukifune are also brainwashed by him.

Kō Kimijima also receives assistance from numerous front organizations of the Committee of 300, such as N.O.Z.O.M.I. who produce Noah IV, SERN who produce black hole bombs, Exoskeleton Co. who give him control of their Power Suits, and the Kidou Battler Gunvarrel Anime Production Team who broadcast propaganda for him.

This gives both of his genocidal plans, Project Mars and Project Atom, plenty of people working to help bring them to fruition. Project Mars involves a planned robot uprising, involving companies like Exoskeleton Co. and Roboratory Industry Inc. that produce robotics. Project Atom involves a plan to detonate black hole bombs made by SERN in Earth’s magnetosphere to kill most of the world’s population. Together, those 2 projects would help to bring about the Human Cultivation Project, reducing the global population to around a billion and helping the Committee of 300 to create a New World Order tyrannical one-world government that would rule the surviving members of humanity in a dystopia.

Kō Kimijima also tricks Kaito Yashio using an AI he developed, Airi (which was based on a real girl), into collecting a number of reports he wrote, called the Kimijima Reports, in which Kō Kimijima spreads disinformation and propaganda. The Kimijima Reports contain a mix of true and false information about the Committee of 300 and its plans, front organizations, etc., in order to throw people off the trail from the truth, and in them, Kō Kimijima presents himself as a brave whistleblower against the evil plans of he Committee of 300, rather than the mastermind behind their current plans. Kaito is eventually tricked into distributing all of the Kimijima Reports worldwide where they have the effect Kō Kimijima intended, the disinformation causing a panic and throwing people off the trail of his actual plans.

He and his plans are ultimately defeated by Kaito Yashio, Akiho Senomiya, Nae Tennouji, and their friends from the Robotics Club, with some help from Itaru Hashida (who creates a computer virus to destroy Kō Kimijima) and Neidhardt Takumi Nishijou (who comes up with countermeasures against Noah IV). They also get help from the CEO of Exoskeleton Co., Toshiyuki Sawada, who is rebelling against the Committee of 300 and their evil plans, despite previously allowing his company to be a front organization for the Committee until just the right time, when Sawada could find allies to fight the Committee alongside him. Kaito and Akiho are even able to get Geji-nee, Airi Yukifune, and Misaki Senomiya to snap out of their brainwashing (or in the case of Geji-nee, her programming), and they all turn against Kō Kimijima, who is finally erased by Itaru Hashida’s computer virus.

Known projects of the Committee of 300

As mentioned above, the “Human Cultivation Project”, also known as the “New World Order”, is the main goal of the Committee of 300, by which it plans to reduce the world’s population to one billion and unite it under a totalitarian one world government. To this end, the Committee has to this end invested heavily in propaganda and a number of other projects.

Major projects named so far in the Science Adventure Series are Project Noah (ChäoS;HEAd), SERN’s Z-Program (Steins;Gate), Project Mars (Robotics;Notes), and Project Atom (Robotics;Notes).

Known methods employed by the Committee of 300

This is a list of the known methods, means, and manner of activity by the Committee of 300 in the Science Adventure Series. See the Activity Timeline for an actual record of their deeds.

  • Mass murder
  • Torture
  • Theft
  • Kidnapping and hostage-taking
  • Other forms of coercion
  • Human experimentation
  • Cryonics
  • Branding
  • Chip implantation
  • Brainwashing and mind control via Visual Rebuilding (ChäoS;HEAd), microchip implants (Steins;Gate), hypnosis (Steins;Gate 0) and other means (Robotics;Notes)
  • Personality remodeling
  • Subliminal messaging
  • Propaganda and information control
  • Popular consumer goods and media
  • Tapping private communication
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Terrorist threats
  • Bombing
  • Robots
  • Rockets
  • Real-booting
  • Advanced AIs, including ones based on human memories and consciousness
  • Augmented reality and information gathering systems
  • Computer viruses
  • Audio frequency signals
  • Environmental and gravitational manipulation
  • Electromagnetic radiation
  • Defense contractors, paramilitary groups, and military research agencies
  • Starting wars
  • Assassinations
  • Hacking
  • Altering history through time travel
  • Mass surveillance
  • Developing the Internet (DURPA) and World Wide Web (SERN)
  • Causing “natural disasters” such as earthquakes and solar flares
  • Controlling organizations that do scientific research in a wide variety of fields such as medicine, physics, neuroscience, AI development, astronomy, computers, and military weaponry, in order to develop technology they can use to try to achieve world domination
  • Treating their own members and followers as disposable pawns to be killed when they are no longer useful

Known activity by the Committee of 300

This is an in-progress list of crimes and other activity committed or instigated by the Committee of 300 in the Science Adventure Series world. Feel free to correct errors and contribute. If adding a crime portrayed in the visual novels that was negated by the main route and therefore not canon to the overall storyline, please, include a note stating it as such.


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This Section: 1959 - 1975, 1990s, Early 2000s, 2008, 2009, 2009 - 2019, 2010, 2011, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2020, 2025, 2033 - 2036, 2036

1959 - 1975

  • (1959) SERN’s Proton Synchrotron is completed, their first particle accelerator and a predecessor to their Large Hadron Collider that it would later be incorporated into.
  • (1973/02/02) SERN’s Z-Program is drafted. Electromagnetic research (explored in ChäoS;HEAd and Robotics;Notes) is also already singled out as a primary field of research for the Committee of 300.
  • SERN’s Z-Program database is built using the special, hidden proprietary code of the IBN 5100, used to store data gathered from ECHELON.
  • Alpha Attractor Field
    • 0.337187% World Line Divergence
    • 0.409431% World Line Divergence
      • (1975) Kayano arrives on the top of the Radio Kaikan building in SERN’s Chevrolet Camaro time machine to attack Suzuha Amane shortly after her own arrival.


Early 2000s



2009 - 2019

  • Multiple Attractor Fields
  • Steins Gate
    • World Line Divergence 1.048596% (a.k.a. the Steins Gate)
      • N.O.Z.O.M.I. continues its research and develops Noah IV, Noah’s Ark, an inferior copy of Noah II that was the best they could do, because the Ir2 equation, which Noah II relied on for real-booting delusions into reality, was lost after the Third Melt.
      • SERN succeeds in constructing a small-scale Large Hadron Collider and develops a black hole bomb.
      • (Starting in 2012) Strange environmental occurrences happen with the worst being the “2015 Crash”, in which a large solar storm reportedly fried computers and machines around the world. It is unclear if any or all of these occurrences are natural, induced, or exacerbated by the Committee of 300.
      • (​Up til 2015/09) Under brainwashing, the Kidou Battler Gunvarrel Anime Production Team begins producing the Kidou Battler Gunvarrel anime with subliminal propaganda embedded.
      • An anonymous mass email is sent to millions of PhoneDroids containing the “Kagome, Kagome” lyrics.


  • (2010/08/11) Moeka Kiryu hears about the Time Leap Machine, the hacking of SERN, and estimated completion of the Time Leap Machine within a week from Rintaro Okabe and Mayuri Shiina. She presumably reports this to FB. FB sends a second anonymous threatening email to Rintaro Okabe.
  • (2010/08/13)
    • 12:00-12:30 Yugo Tennouji sees Rintaro Okabe discover that the 42 inch CRT in his shop works as a lifter and hears him talk about it.
    • 16:30 Rounders spread throughout Akihabara.
    • ≈18:45 The Committee of 300 blocks road traffic leading away from Akihabara under the pretense of a large traffic inspection. A Rounder stabs Mayuri Shiina and fails to secure Rintaro Okabe in a taxi.

  • (2010/08/11) Moeka Kiryu hears about the Time Leap Machine, the hacking of SERN, and estimated completion of the Time Leap Machine within a week from Rintaro Okabe and Mayuri Shiina. She presumably reports this to FB. FB sends a second anonymous threatening email to Rintaro Okabe.
  • (2010/08/13)
    • 12:00-12:30 Yugo Tennouji sees Rintaro Okabe discover that the 42 inch CRT in his shop works as a lifter and hears him talk about it.
    • 16:30 Rounders spread throughout Akihabara. 
    • 19:30 Rounders shut down the train lines leading to Akihabara with a terrorist bomb threat.
    • ≈20:45-21:32 Rounders set off a bomb in JR Akihabara station. Men in police officer uniforms arrive in Yodobashi Camera to “assist in evacuating” the area. Those who do not comply are shot without warning. Mayuri Shiina is killed by gunshot. It is unclear if the men in uniform were actually Rounders, or police who were bought over or brainwashed.



  • Steins Gate
    • World Line Divergence 1.048596% (a.k.a. the Steins Gate)
      • Project Atom was originally scheduled to coincide with the 2015 Crash, but is delayed due to Kō Kimijima’s death.
      • (2015/09)
        • Minami Furugoori’s brainwashing comes undone. Her still brainwashed coworkers attack her and kill each other. Minami Furugoori flees and is last seen on Tanegashima.
        • The Kidou Battler Gunvarrel anime is canceled before the last episode is aired.
      • (2015/10/04) Two weeks after the final episode of the Kidou Battler Gunvarrel anime is cancelled, “Minami Furugoori” posts a message to her abandoned online journal message board with a link to the website http://x6mp32ky0/


  • Steins Gate
    • World Line Divergence 1.048596% (a.k.a. the Steins Gate)
      • ​Exoskeleton’s Power Suits begin to malfunction causing severe injuries.


  • Steins Gate
    • World Line Divergence 1.048596% (a.k.a. the Steins Gate)
      • (2019/Spring) Maguyan is brainwashed.
      • (2019/05) The top three players of Kill-Ballad are found dead in their homes of “accidental” deaths. Their user accounts continue to be active, however, without any signs of being hacked.
      • (2019/07/09) The dual program Geji-nee and Airi makes its first successful contact with Kaito Yashio on the 29th attempt.
      • (2019/07/16)
        • Exoskeleton holds a press conference about a recent rash of malfunctioning Power Suits. 
        • FRAUKOUJIRO’s cheat analyzer is infected with a virus while trying to expose the top three players of Kill-Ballad as cheaters.
      • (2019/07/22) On the same day a large solar storm purportedly knocks out machines along the west coast of North America, Kō Kimijima sends an anonymous call throughout Japan with the “Kagome, Kagome” ringtone and the frequency signal of the Verificatory Experiments.
      • (2019/08/11) Geji-nee records the first falling monopole during Verificatory Experiment No. 2946.
      • (2019/08/20) Rumors of the “final episode” of the Kidou Battler Gunvarrel anime being leaked circulate @channel and Twipo, though it is unclear if this leaking was by Minami Furugoori or a further ploy by Kō Kimijima.
      • (2019/08/21) Exoskeleton holds an emergency press conference due to malfunctioning Power Suits resulting in deaths.
      • (2019/08/23)
        • After Kona Furugoori learns of the death of the top three players of Kill-Ballad, their names immediately vanish from the game’s leaderboard.
        • A solar storm is predicted to occur in 75 days on December 6th.
        • The Kidou Battler Gunvarrel anime’s final episode, which bears an uncanny resemblance to Project Atom and contains the password to Minami Furugoori’s message via subliminal messaging, hits the news.
      • (2019/11/20)
        • The Great Tokyo Blackout occurs reportedly due to a major “solar storm” hitting the Kanto region.
        • Maguyan causes Tokyo’s RI robots to go berserk as part of Project Mars.
        • FRAUKOUJIRO’s account is hijacked by Maguyan and posts that she is responsible for the robots and was the one who previously leaked the Kidou Battler Gunvarrel anime’s final episode.
        • Geji-nee continues to monitor the Verificatory Experiments.
        • Misaki Senomiya reports her analysis of the final Kidou Battler Gunvarrel episode to Toshiyuki Sawada. According to her, it contains propaganda images and the “Kagome, Kagome” melody.
      • (2019/11/27) Maguyan’s body is found in the outskirts of Manila, the Philippines.
      • (2019/12/24) IRUO. carries out its planned server maintenance, deleting the Airi communication interface A.I., leaving only the Geji-nee fully-automated data collection engine in place.


  • Steins Gate
    • World Line Divergence 1.048596% (a.k.a. the Steins Gate)
      • (2020/01/25) Kō Kimijima kills Mizuka Irei by making her Power Suit go berserk.
      • (2020/01/30) Kaito Yashio is successfully tricked into disseminating the “Kimijima Reports” worldwide through the IRUO. network.
      • (2020/02/23) Project Atom goes into effect.
        • Exoskeleton Co.’s SUMERAGI is introduced at the Robot Expo.
        • A mixture of the “Kagome, Kagome” signal and a high-frequency is used to disable all robots in the exhibition hall.
        • real-booted delusion of Misaki Senomiya rushes through the exhibition hall and uses the SUMERAGI to destroy the other exhibitions as a ploy to distract Sawada’s group.
        • Disinformation is spread through the media to cause panic and freeze the government and military’s reactions, allowing the Committee of 300 to commandeer the rocket in Tanegashima.
        • The Grand Obelisk is real-booted near the expo arena.
        • Misaki Senomiya and crew take over the Tanegashima Space Center and Rocket Launch Site. They hold Kenichiro Senomiya hostage.
        • Henchmen under Misaki Senomiya’s command attempt to capture Kona Furugoori, but are foiled by Nae Tennouji. They also fail to take over the Tanegashima Airport.
        • Kō Kimijima uses a mind-controlled Airi Yukifune to attempt to stop Kaito YashioAkiho Senomiya, Sumio Nagafukada, and Mitsuhiko Nagafukada from flying to Tanegashima. Due to Mitsuhiko Nagafukada livestreaming the conversation, Kō Kimijima’s cybernetic existence is revealed to the world.
      • (2020/02/24)
      • (2020/02/25)


  • Alpha Attractor Field
  • Beta Attractor Field
    • Multiple World Line Divergences
    • 1.097302% and 1.055821% World Line Divergences
      • Rintaro Okabe is kidnapped by Stratfor. His mind is completely erased in attempts by Stratfor to gain any information about Valkyrie.

2033 - 2036

  • Alpha Attractor Field
    • Multiple World Line Divergences
      • (2033) Itaru Hashida is killed by Rounders.
      • (2034) Valkyrie’s assassination attempt on Kurisu Makise, a.k.a. “Operation Gjallarhorn”, fails. The Committee of 300 kills a large number of the Valkyrie resistance. Three weeks later Kurisu Makise’s “accidental” death is announced.
      • (2034) SERN succeeds in developing a fully working time machine.
      • (2034-36) The Committee of 300 succeeds in taking over the world, turning it into a dystopia. Personality remodeling and brainwashing become regular occurrences.
      • (By 2036) A method of brainwashing involving the implantation of a chip in the under-eyelid has been developed. It is unclear if this method was developed by N.O.Z.O.M.I. or another group.
    • 0.000000% World Line Divergence
      • Kayano joins the Rounders and undergoes human experimentation in order to fortify her body.
  • Beta Attractor Field
    • Multiple World Line Divergences
      • Alexis Leskinen brainwashes Kagari Shiina, turning her into his puppet, and arranges for her to accompany Suzuha Amane when Suzuha goes back in time in 2036, so that Kagari can assist Leskinen in the past.
  • Gamma Attractor Field
    • World Line Divergence 2.615074%
      • (By 2036) Rintaro Okabe has joined the leading ranks of the Illuminati of the Committee of 300. He rules as the dictator of Japan.


  • Alpha Attractor Field
    • 0.000000% World Line Divergence
      • SERN researchers develop a theory on the means to transfer information to oneself across world lines similar to Rintaro Okabe’s “Reading Steiner”.
      • (2036/09/27) The Committee of 300, using SERN’s time machine to travel back in time, practically annihilates the Valkyrie resistance group during their assassination attempt upon the Rounder commander Libron. Kayano kills Kiyotaka.
      • (2036/09/10) Kayano kills Yuki Amane.
      • (2036/09/10) Rounders attack the Valkyrie remnant during “Operation Brynhildr”. Kayano attacks Suzuha Amane, injures Rei Mikoshiba and Shinjirou Katsuragi, and damages the FG204.
      • (2036/10/11) Kayano and Rounders attack and completely wipe out remaining members of the Valkyrie resistance group. Kayano uses SERN’s time machine to pursue Suzuha Amane to 2010.
  • Beta Attractor Field
    • 1.097302% and 1.055821% World Line Divergences
    • Multiple World Line Divergences
      • Suzuha Amane and Kagari Shiina travel to 1975, then to 1998 and then to 2010 in order to complete their mission to achieve the Steins Gate world line. Unfortunately, Kagari attacks Suzuha and runs away in 1998 due to Alexis Leskinen’s brainwashing.

The Committee and its known accomplices

It is not always clear whether certain groups and characters are true members of the Committee of 300, are simply hired help, or are coerced or otherwise forced to do the Committee’s bidding. Therefore, this is a list of any and all characters that have ever had a helping hand in the evil deeds of the Committee regardless of the character’s own circumstances. See the image map for further elucidation as to the relationships between the groups.




A map of the relationships of the Committee of 300 and its accomplices



Page Contents: Top - Robotics;Notes, Projects, Methods, Activity, Accomplices, Trivia

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